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Hahnemühle 1 3/4" Gallerie Wrap Pro Bars & Corner Braces (quantity 6 bars & 6 braces per box)

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Hahnemühle Gallerie Wrap Stretcher Bars for Canvas Prints

***The 1 3/4" x 60" bars currently only ship from our Nevada Location.***

The PRO Stretcher bars are 1 ¾” tall and are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 8"-60".  They require a set of Red (PRO) corners that work specifically with the PRO stretcher bars. 
Your overall printed image needs to be 4” bigger than your desired frame size.

The print size needs to be bigger than the frame size to accommodate for the width of the bars, to allow the image to wrap around the bars.

What you will need to create a Hahnemühle Gallerie Wrap:

- A Corner Kit (either Standard or PRO) containing corners, pins and glue
- A Set of stretcher bars (either Standard or PRO) to match your finish frame size
- FotoZoomer Canvas


 Gallerie Wrap Pro Bars & Corner Braces are Included in Boxes
 1 3/4" Bars

HAHN-134.8  (No corner braces)

HAHN-134.10 (No corner braces)

HAHN-134.11 (No corner braces)

HAHN-134.12 (No corner braces)