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FZ Supplies a division of FotoZoomer , LLC

     FZ Supplies is a division of FotoZoomer, LLC. FotoZoomer, LLC Headquartered in Henderson, NV has been an Epson Premier dealer for more than 10 years and carries a large variety of Epson products. FotoZoomer distributes Epson product all over the US and currently ships from its headquarters in Henderson, NV and its distribution center in Greenville,SC. The FotoZoomer management team has over 20 years experience in printing with the focus on large format production. FotoZoomer is a family owned business and everyone is focused on making each customer feel that they are a part of the family.  At FZ Supplies we understand that you are one of the most important parts of our success and growth and without your support we would not be able to do what we love most. Everyone at FZ Supplies feels this way and it shows in our continued growth over the last 8 years and our growth plans in the future.

     Tamara Steadham, Owner and Vice President has strategically grown the supply business to its size with a lot of hard work and determination of always making sure FotoZoomer has the latest printer technologies and media available. FotoZoomer has become a premier supplier to many companies and individuals all across this great United States. No order is to small or to large for FZ Supplies weather it is a single ink cartridge or a full pallet of paper goods we guarantee quality and expedited processing of all orders. We ship to all 50 states and with both business and residential deliveries you can order what you need when you need it. With 3 shipping locations FZ Supplies and reduce transit times as well as shipping cost adding more value and another reason for you to partner with FZ Supplies for all your printing supplies and needs.


    Eric Steadham, Owner and CEO tells people all the time " If people need us we want to be there when needed, With expanded shipping hours and a larger customer base the expansion was mandated. FotoZoomer opened a 3rd facility in Texas 2019 giving FotoZoomer the ability to reach any customer within 2 days ground shipping via UPS or FedEx." 

We want to hear from you... Please email us with questions you have about our products and services as we care and want to make sure everyone that becomes apart of the FZ Supply/FotoZoomer family understands our passion and desire to offer the best products in the industry.

At FZ supplies we test all products in house including each printer manufacture we carry that way when we sell a product that you expect has a certain quality you can rest assured it was tested by a trusted source.


We thank you for considering us as a provider for you with the products we carry and always love to hear feedback on our products and services.

Tri-Bar, FotoZoomer and FZ Supplies reserves the right to refuse service to any customer or potential customer.